AnteSpam Phishing Awareness & Email Security Training (EST)

Improve Phishing Awareness to Avoid Email Cryptoware & Ransomware

    Teach phishing awareness to those who need it; remind and update those who don't.

    Next stepsNot IF, but WHEN

    What is phishing? It is when an email pretends to be from a trusted source in order to spur the reader into taking an action.

    Filters can block many phishing emails, but a zero-day phishing email is going to arrive in your inbox one day. Will you and your people know what to look for and more importantly, will you be looking for it?

    Phishing Simulator GoalsEST Individual Goals

    1. Treat every email as a phishing email until determined otherwise.
    2. Learn what phishing emails look like and how to detect them.
    3. Be aware of phishing tactics.
    4. Always dispose of phishing (real or simulated) email.
    5. Continue to remain watchful for clues and be suspicious of emails.

    Teaching methodsHow EST Teaches

    Email Security Training (EST) is a phishing email simulator that provides behavior-based, on-the-job training & updates in a few seconds, 1 to 4 times a week, with immersive, repeated exposure for good retention.

    After the initial phishing email training, the occasional training email will reinforce the cautious approach to trusting an email.

    Watch a video of EST in action.

    How does it work?How Does EST Work?

      1. Sign up above and login with credentials emailed to you.
      2. Add your addresses to receive EST training and updates. We can help you with this step.
      3. Read your email as you always do.
    • An intro/welcome email will be sent to each user within a couple of hours. Then, until it is disabled by you, simulated phishing emails will be sent to your users at random intervals at a rate based on their performance.
    • Assuming you want to continue using EST, at some point during the first two months we will need a little more information so we can send you an invoice. We can help you with this.

    Expert thoughtsPhishing Awareness

    An entire organization needs to be aware and have knowledge of phishing and other dangerous emails --EVERY person with access to an email account, from those checking a general mailbox to sales staff to executives-- to actually be effective in preventing and combating security threats.

    According to Verizon's Data Breach Investigations Reports, 95% of all espionage attacks and nearly 80% of all malware attacks involve phishing. Another recent report estimates a 22% chance you could have a breach within the next 24 months.

    EST provides metrics to track organization and individual performance. These metrics can also highlight security areas that need improvement as well as seasonal variations that could indicate a need for increased management emphasis.

    EST Cost?How Much Does EST Cost?

    Your first month is free.

    After the first month, EST costs no more than $1.07 per month per user before annual pre-pay, quantity, and other discounts.

    However, EST will likely reduce your costs. CSO Online reports that "The average employee wastes 4.16 hours a year on phishing scams."

    EST on the other hand requires on average 62.1 minutes per year in Training Mode. For a company with 50 users at an avg of $25/hr, EST will potentially save $3,906.25 in user time over a year while costing $714 or less. And those savings don't include avoiding the impact of a successful phishing attack on your bottom line (ie, cyber ransoms or other malware direct impacts) and your customer's loss of faith in your company and services. For a larger company or organization EST's savings are proportionally greater.